Człowiek z modułów – analiza adopcyjności umysłu i ciała do wytworów techniki i technologii w kontekście teorii poznania ucieleśnionego.

The ability to adapt to new and ever changing environment has always been one of the primary human skills. In fact, the capacity of using tools has been of upmost importance. The advancement of technology greatly improved the process of adaptation. It had a remarkable impact on the development of human nature, stepping into its inner structure. The technological evolution of mankind has been happening right before our eyes. People are becoming symbiotic with machines, and to various extents becoming cyborgs themselves. The main point of interest of this paper is to show how the embodied cognition theory and the extended mind theory are able to illustrate the phenomenon of cyborgization. Moreover, we consider how the concepts related to the modular structure of mind and body explain the technological adaptation of humans.
A. Gunia, G. Nalepa
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Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza
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embodied cognition, extended mind, cyborgization, transhumanism, modularity of mind